Adventures at Planet Fitness

I have lost some weight, but I used to be really big. I was about 550 lbs. Even at 6’8″, that’s fat. Like most fat guys, I thought I’d get into shape. I’m also very cheap. Is there a place for fat, cheap guys to exercise? Planet Fitness.

I was fat even by Planet Fitness standards. If the gym was an actual planet, I was a fleshy moon. 

I wasn’t always so fat. I used to be an infant. But more recently, I was in reasonably good shape and under 400 lbs. That’s when I joined the gym. I only used the treadmill. I clamored on that machine and punished it for an hour while I walked and read some book written a couple hundred years ago by a Puritan. 

After forsaking all exercise and ballooning up to 550, I was ready to get my life in order. 

It was time to quit the gym. 

By “get my life in order” I meant budget. I noticed that I was still paying $20 a month for access to Planet Fitness. 

Gyms are clever. Signing up for a gym could not be easier. You can join online in a couple of clicks. Quitting is harder. You have to go there in person. I have to go to them in order to tell them that I don’t want to go to the gym. 

I went. I had to put it in my GPS. I wore my best 5XLT button down shirt because I thought I would have to argue. I didn’t. I said I wanted to quit. They agreed that would be best. 

I again weigh under 400 lbs. I also live in Kentucky. I would fit in at my local Planet Fitness, but I better not risk it.

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