Jake Hovis is huge. Seriously, he is 6’8” and well over a hundred pounds. His comedy, like the air in his hometown of Denver, tends to be clean and fresh. Jake is a high school teacher who works out new bits during class. He has a solid background in improv performing in front of paid audiences of adults 83 times in 2018 (He kept a spreadsheet). They described him as “funny” and “big”. Jake enjoys the little things in life like his 5’3” wife and 2 miniature dachshunds.


Jake is good at it.


Looking to get weird? We can get weird.


Need a host? You got a big one right here.


Performed At

  • Comedy Works Denver and Comedy Works South
  • Loonee’s Comedy Corner in Colorado Springs
  • 3 E’s Comedy Club in Colorado Springs
  • Flappers in Burbank
  • Crackers in Indianapolis
  • Comedy Caravan in Louisville
  • The Comedy Fort in Fort Collins
  • Punchline in Atlanta
  • Clint’s Comedy Stop in Kansas City
  • Third Coast Comedy in Nashville
  • Generations Church in Franklin, TN
  • PureFest in Chicago


Corporate and Church Shows

Jake has performed in churches many times, and as a youth pastor for six years, he knows how to keep it clean.

On the corporate side of things, Jake has performed for banks and museums and even in a castle. If you are looking for a seriously fun night, book Jake. If you are looking to ensure the company sponsored entertainment is not wildly inappropriate, book Jake. If you need your smoke detector batteries replaced, book Jake.


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